For Retailer Players, by Retailers

We are Category Management & Shoppers Behaviors Experts.

We marry retail and tech expertise to help our clients successfully navigate the growing complexity of retail.

Range strategies, Promotion Planning, Join Business Plans, Category Captainship, and Shopper Strategies … our job is to automate all the supporting processes and calculations to help teams save time, and take faster and better decisions for their Shoppers.

From data ingestion to automation, we build progressive implementation roadmaps that fit the maturity level of each of our clients' teams and organization.

Our Purpose
Enable Retail Players to delight shoppers a little bit better every day

Leadership Team


Established in 2005 as a consulting boutique, we took the retail tech turn in 2015. At our core, we are all about helping retail players deliver exceptional shoppers experiences.

That's why we continuously develop and improve retail solutions that make it easy for retail players to optimize their commercial offerings.

Our Business is Built on 3 Pillars

Retail is more complex than complicated. After all, it is just about buying and selling with a profit. Still, in a single store holding 20,000 products, there exists a staggering 310,000 potential decision opportunities on a daily basis to enhance customer satisfaction. Only a select few of these actions will yield measurable and substantial value. To discern these impactful actions and facilitate decision making, we leverage cutting-edge algorithms utilizing both machine learning and predictive analytics. The distinguishing feature of these algorithms lies in their incorporation of hundreds of parameters, which drive their effectiveness  to grow sales, profitability, and cash-flow.


Frederic Etienbled, a retail veteran with two decades of experience in Asia, built a revolutionary retail system to combat common industry frustrations. His goal was to infuse a more human touch into the industry, addressing issues such as complexity, wasted time, lost sales, unnecessary costs, and disappointed shoppers.

Our platform aims to reflect the job of marketers and retailers, allowing them to work faster and with greater accuracy, creating a sense of confidence, comfort, and safety whether on desktop or mobile. This human-centric approach continues to drive our innovation.

We drive impressive efficiency gains through smart workflows and KPI, saving hundreds of worked hours every week

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Retail may seem simple, but with thousands of products, an ocean of daily decision points exist to improve customer satisfaction. To guide and prioritize these decisions, we use advanced algorithms with hundreds of parameters for better sales, profit, and cash flow. Saving time, reducing costs, and making smart choices leads to happier teams and customers.

Each hour saved, each costs reduced and each decision that delivers additional sales create additional opportunities for both Teams and Shoppers

We deliver unmatched return on investment through record performances in sales, profitability and cash flow improvements.


Retail is a team effort. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and communication partners work together, using data and language to achieve goals.

Our Cloud-based solution fosters collaboration, allowing companies to design secure, flexible models for scenario development, decision-making, and performance measurement.

We help businesses make faster, informed decisions by simplifying data, insights, and patterns for easy understanding and sharing.

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