CRM Automated Campaigns

Automatically create campaigns triggered by customer behavior changes

Personalize & automate message creation & sending at scale
Tailored marketing strategies and messaging for each customer segment
Access real-time behavior changes detection for automatic reaction and engagement
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Benefits & impacts

Automation to solve complexity
  • Create your timeline and recurrences
  • Use any customer segments
User driven parameters for flexibility
  • Define your own customer behaviour changes & triggers
  • Capped spending
Live monitoring & performances
  • Dynamic campaigns analytics dashboards
  • Reach, redeems and sales impact with ROI
Reduced churn
Improved new customers’ onboarding
Save massive working hours
Increased CRM engagement ROI

Automatically Created Campaigns Triggered by Customer Behaviors

New shoppers activation
Frequency drop
Spending drop
Customers’ life events
Quantity drop
Store change
Channel change
...and many more

Automated Campaigns

Working principle

Customer Target

For each product, the sales trend is computed as well as the sales weekly, monthly and yearly seasonality and special events

Behaviour Change Conditions

The forecast is made using previously fitted components and projecting them into the future


The forecast integrates each store’s share of sales in the item’s category to get a store per store prediction


Get live report on each campaign performances

Gain Insights on Shopper Trends, Engage Your Shoppers Differently

Improve managing your entire business through a single revolutionary platform

Customer Challenge / Retain / Solution

Behavior-based dynamic segmentation customer history & promotional history personalization & campaign management

Business Challenge / Optimize / Solution

Customer Database alignment with merchandise hierarchy automate complex calculations without the need for BI management of the profitability of each campaign

Teams Challenge / Collaborate / Solution

Data & Insights sharing with Merchandise teams performance management by channel and stores ML Forecasting model to secure choice

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Automatic Output & Integration

End-to-end automation

5 Main reasons Automated campaign is crucial to changes customer's purchasing Behavior


Customers today expect personalized experiences. When you track and analyze their purchasing behavior, you can tailor your marketing messages, product recommendations, and promotions to their specific preferences and needs. This personalization can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer retention

Recognizing changes in purchasing behavior can help you identify signs of customer churn or dissatisfaction early on. For instance, if a once-frequent customer starts making fewer purchases, or drops in her shopping frequency, it may indicate a problem or dissatisfaction that needs to be addressed promptly. Reacting to such changes can help you retain valuable customers.

Upselling and cross-selling

Understanding customer behavior can also help you identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. If you notice a customer consistently buying a particular product or a category, you can suggest complementary or higher-value items, increasing the average transaction value.

Inventory management

Analyzing purchasing behavior can help with inventory management. You can better predict demand (see Ariane’s Machine Learning Forecast Engine) , reduce stockouts, and avoid overstocking by having a clearer understanding of what customers are likely to purchase in the future.

Marketing efficiency

By tracking changes in behavior, you can allocate marketing resources more efficiently. Instead of sending generic messages to all customers, you can focus your efforts on those who are more likely to respond positively to your promotions or offers.

Pilot Your Automated Campaign

Build your scope
Define your customer target with detail
Define the behaviour change triggers
Set the promotion mechanics
Finalize the output media
Immediate reporting of the success

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