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10 Points to Assess Your Vendors Relationships

2 weeks ago, we published an article on existing collaboration between retailers and suppliers, sharing that it might be the right time to review them.

The 10 simple questions built in the Collaborative Approaches review the existing pillars a retail organisation has built over the years. They actually define its relationships with suppliers. There are no good or bad pillars: they just are and have been successfully driving the company to where it stands now.

By reviewing them today, it is an interesting opportunity to assess how effective these collaboration pillars have been in the past to jointly engage Customers. It is also an opportunity to review which are the ones that should stay and what are the new alternatives to be considered for improved performances and profitability.

We also owe a big thank you to Onuma Patthamakanokporn whose main business, in Myanmar and the Philippines, is to help companies leverage new Collaborative Approaches.
We hope this 5 minutes exercise can help.

For the full questionnaire and answers click Download PDF