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Budgeting Your Retail CMR in 4 Steps and Free Tools

Q3 is half-engaged and the Budget season already started for many companies.

What we all learned in the past few months is how important existing customers are for any business (for our retail clients, we have seen average Carded Sales growth contribution rising from 36 to 43% in 5 months) , making next year Marketing Strategies and investments even more important than before.

During 2020, retailers learned a few things in terms of Marketing and its ROI.

Traditional mailers approach doesn’t deliver the same benefits as before: the general offers proposed by mailers do not offer reasons good enough to shop.

Social media investments delivered good results, though expensive when highly targeted

Non-Targeted mass mailing have little effect

In Online or physical shops, Customers are looking for personalise offers that talk to them

The share of existing customers' business has grown significantly in sales and margin contribution

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