Critical Shopper Insights - Webinar

Shopper Insights must be integrated into each Category, Brand or Sales Strategies: they are just critical for every Teams. In this blog, we provide a simple and practical approach to understand these insights, decode their meaning and translate them into practical actions. A must-know for Sales, Category, Marketing and Insights Teams

Step 1: Identify My Brand Challenges


  • Identify if we have traffic challenges by using the Number of Baskets KPI
  • Identify if we have spending challenge by using Value per Basket KPI


  • Select the periods to compare
  • For Traffic challenges identification, we will be comparing My Brand’s Number of Baskets
  • For Spending challenges identification, we will be comparing My Brand’s Value per Basket

Identify Opportunities

  • Conclude whether I have the challenge in Traffic or Spending

Step 2: Identify The Scenarios


  • Identify why my brand lost shoppers: lost to other brands, or category Traffic decreased, or store traffic decreased
  • Identify why Shoppers spend lesson my brand: spend less oncategory level or store level


  • Review brand switching to identifycompetitors who gained my Shoppers
  • Review category & store traffic, whichimpact my brand’s penetration
  • Review Shoppers' wallet share & valueper basket, which has consequences onmy brand’s spending

What needs to be done

  • Identify what impacts my brand’s performance: traffic or spending
  • Which competitors caused my brand to lose its Shoppers
  • What amount are my shoppers ready to spend to purchase this type products

Step 3: Select The Right Action Plan


  • Gain my Shoppers back
  • Drive my brand’s traffic
  • Increase my brand’s spending


  • Review my brand’s promotion performance & activities
  • Review my brand’s innovation & newitems
  • Review my products’ availability &visibility

What needs to be done

  • Build up solid promotion plans: drive traffic or increase spending
  • Launch new items
  • Propose cross merchandising: display or selling
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The value we help you create

Ranges Performance

From constantly changing prices, availability issues to continuously growing competition, we help teams take the right decision to develop winning category strategies

Promotions Impact

Promotion history, campaign analytics & promotion planning help teams deliver stronger promotions ROI

Shoppers Engagement

We connect shoppers & loyalty data to help Insights & Category Management Teams build compelling shoppers’ strategies

Teams Onboarding

User friendly interface, interactive charts and tables create an intuitive & interactive platform that teams love

Suppliers Collaboration

Internally with your own teams or externally with business partners, share insights and recommendations to establish a common language while maintaining your own segmentation

Data Management

Whatever your data format, granularity level or source, deliver a seamless access to insights & recommendations with automated data ingestion, structuring & cleansing processes


Hypertrade is a retail tech company in Category Management and Shopper Behaviors Analytics. Manufacturers use our platform to manage their multi-retailer data sets and to automate their category management and sales analytics. Retailers use our platform to improve their Commercial offering, collaborate with their suppliers and Engage their Shoppers. Building on Sales, POS & Loyalty data, some of the things we fully automate are:

• Brand& Category Score card
• Brand automatic Diagnostics
• Range Optimization
• Promotion Planning & Forecasting
• Shoppers baskets analysis

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