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Constant customer behaviors changes can make it quite challenging for marketers to constantly adapt their commercial offering. Still, thanks to technology and solutions like Ulys CRM Automated Campaigns, Identifying, understanding and acting automatically upon these changes in each customer's purchasing behavior is crucial for businesses for 5 main reasons:


Customers today expect personalized experiences. When you track and analyze their purchasing behavior, you can tailor your marketing messages, product recommendations, and promotions to their specific preferences and needs. This personalization can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Retention

Recognizing changes in purchasing behavior can help you identify signs of customer churn or dissatisfaction early on. For instance, if a once-frequent customer starts making fewer purchases, or drops in her shopping frequency, it may indicate a problem or dissatisfaction that needs to be addressed promptly. Reacting to such changes can help you retain valuable customers.

Upselling and Cross-selling

Understanding customer behavior can also help you identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. If you notice a customer consistently buying a particular product or a category, you can suggest complementary or higher-value items, increasing the average transaction value.

Inventory Management

Analyzing purchasing behavior can help with inventory management. You can better predict demand (see Ariane’s Machine Learning Forecast Engine) , reduce stock outs, and avoid overstocking by having a clearer understanding of what customers are likely to purchase in the future.

Marketing Efficiency

By tracking changes in behavior, you can allocate marketing resources more efficiently. Instead of sending generic messages to all customers, you can focus your efforts on those who are more likely to respond positively to your promotions or offers.

Here's how to react to changes in customer purchasing behavior effectively:

Data & Retail CRM

Invest in data analytics tools like Ulys CRM and expertise to collect, clean, and analyze customer data effectively. This includes purchase history, demographic information, and any other relevant data.


Segment your customer base based on common behavior patterns. This allows you to create tailored marketing strategies and messaging for each segment.

Real-time Monitoring

Set up real-time monitoring systems to detect changes in behavior promptly. This can include automated alerts for significant deviations from the norm.

Customer Engagement

Reach out to customers who exhibit unusual behavior. For instance, if a customer who usually buys monthly suddenly stops purchasing, send them a personalized email or offer to inquire about their needs or address any issues they might have.

A/B Testing

Experiment with different marketing strategies to see how they impact customer behavior. A/B testing can help you refine your approaches and determine what works best.

Feedback Mechanisms

Provide easy ways for customers to provide feedback. This can be through surveys, reviews, or direct communication channels. Use this feedback to make improvements and address concerns.

Continuous Learning

Keep learning from your customers' behavior and adapt your strategies accordingly. Customer preferences and market dynamics can change, so staying agile and responsive is crucial.


Utilize marketing automation tools to send personalized messages and offers at scale. These tools can help you react to changes in behavior in a timely and efficient manner.

In summary, identifying and reacting to changes in customer purchasing behavior is essential for building and maintaining strong customer relationships, increasing sales, and staying competitive in today's market. It requires a combination of data analysis, segmentation, proactive communication, and continuous improvement efforts.

About Ulys CRM and Automated Campaigns

• Create any customer segmentation based on your own criteria.

• Select the campaign mechanics of your choice.

• Track customer behavior on any changes

• Define your own campaign frequency.

• Track & monitor the performance of each campaign.

• Automatically export your campaign to your POS, ERP and CDP

• Control your spending per campaign.

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