At each stage of growth, we help companies upgrade their Merchandising & Marketing organization design & grow their Teams' Capabilities

As the company grows, Organizations & Teams gravity center progressively shifts from products to shoppers

We guide and support you at each step of the evolution


We started as a Retail Training firm, so training and coaching is not only a skill, it’s our passion.

After the necessary skills assessment, we tailor action-based training and coaching programs, that supports teams throughout the project.

The new tools and working processes are at the heart of these programs.


As the company evolves, new Teams, new responsibilities and roles are set-up.
We help ensure that at each stage of the evolution, both synergies and checks & balances are maintained to keep the organization agile and effective.

Working Processes

We help review and align the existing working processes to ensure that they support the agility and efficiency of the organization.

Our experiences in various retail companies, from successful family-owned businesses to international organizations is a wealth that we are happy to share.


Data is the fuel of your decision making processes. Optimizing Data Management has become a capability in its own right.

In an ideal world, data is clean, rich, structured, and accessible. We know the reality is often different.

Our Data Engineers & Data Analysts will help you implement the necessary steps and tools to make a better and more sustainable use of your data as the foundation of your decisions.
As former Retailers,
we know how important it is to make things simple,
and we speak the same language.
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