A Transformation Case Study:
​How a leading infant milk company  reversed a declining trend in market share and reached a 24-month-high for their brand thanks to enhanced data granularity.

Despite being the leader in premium Baby Milk powder in Myanmar, entering Q2 2020, the brand had been facing a long-time declining trend in market share. The brand believed some stores were severely underperforming, with sales being captured by their competitors at a higher pace.

Despite the fact that the brand was already monitoring its sales by channel, the details by branch were not available. It was therefore challenging for them not only to confim if their hypothesis was correct,and if it was, in which specific locations they were losing sales.

The brand decided to use higher level of granularity for Hypertrade Platform, to not only be able to monitor performances branch by branch, but also monitor their promotion impact by branch. In a very short time, they were able to confirm that their hypothesis was true. They were also able to identify which were the branches in which they wanted to invest and which were the branches where the potential was more limited.

What the team did
The brand’s sales and marketing teams reacted quickly; they focused their promotion efforts in all their branches where they had precisely measured their largest sales growth potential. They also integrated the regular measurements of branch performances in their regular range and promotion planning.

Results achieved
In less than 12 months, the brand successfully grew its market share by more than 30% and was able to maintain its leadership. The optimization of their promotion store by store, enbled by greater granularity of their performanceanalyses, was a winning decision.