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New Features on ULYS

Key Features & Benefits

Main Functionalities & Advantages

Design Planograms in Minutes
Quickly create effective shelf layouts with drag-and-drop ease and visual tools, speeding up design and increasing retail agility.
Open-Source Products Library
Access a comprehensive, collaborative catalog of product data and images to streamline planogram updates and enhance efficiency.
Collaborative Category Management
Enable internal & external team to collaborate in real-time for developing and refining visual displays, jointly enhancing shelf impact.
Built-in Shelf Space Analytics
Gain insights into shelf performance to optimize space, drive sales, and make informed decisions for revenue growth.
Cloud-based Access and Mobile App
Manage planograms flexibly from anywhere, on any device, ensuring constant connection to your retail operations.
Integration with Ariane Platform
Integrate seamlessly with Ariane for data consistency across platforms, simplifying workflows for better retail decisions.

Business Benefits

Rapidly create and revise planograms with user-friendly tools, freeing up time for strategic tasks and improving productivity.
Boost Sales & Efficiency
Enhance shelf layouts for optimal sales and efficiency, leveraging streamlined processes and smart insights for retail success.
Manage Planograms by Stores and Clusters
Customize shelves to regional preferences while maintaining brand consistency, optimizing local store impact.
Collaboratively Drive Category Captainship Projects
Foster teamwork on category strategies, combining expertise for improved category leadership and shelf presence
Optimize Shelf Space & Profitability
Utilize every inch of shelf space effectively, informed by analytics for increased sales and profitability.
Enhanced Customer Experience
Craft shopper-friendly shelves to boost customer engagement and elevate brand perception through attractive product displays.

How it works

From Strategy to Execution in 6 Steps

Watch how Hypertrade and Opencatman empower your team to create winning shelf layouts together.  

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