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Philippines Key Account Manager

About Hypertrade

For medium-size retail players in emerging economies, who want to do more for their shoppers with data, Hypertrade is a retail analytics platform powerhouse that transforms data from any source into recommendations and actions.

Unlike BI solutions or spreadsheets, Hypertrade is packed with retail expert algorithms and automation.

Our business is built on retail expertise, data science and collaboration Hypertrade. We are based in Bangkok, and today, we are servicing clients in South-East Asia, Africa and The Middle-East.

Since2020, The Philippines has been a growing market for us, giving us each year the privilege or servicing more retailers and more manufacturers.

As we are continuing our expansion in the Philippines where we have ambitious growth objectives, we are looking for our National Key Account Manager.

Key Account Manager Role

As a Key Account Manager you will be responsible for managing existing local clients, growing our customer base and be Hypertrade business intelligence in the market. As the primary contact for our customers, you will be responsible for building strong relationships and delivering exceptional customer service orientation through effective management of day-to-day client interactions.

The Key Account Manager reports to the Data Director, who is based in Bangkok. Business trips to Thailand will happen quarterly.

Key Account Manager Profile

To succeed in this exciting and rewarding role,  our ideal candidate would have the following work experience and skills:

  1. Excellent communication and relationship-building skills: An effective communicator who can articulate complex ideas into a clear, straightforward  and easily understood manner. He/She has a robust network and successful track record in B2B Sales of services / FMCG or consumer health companies with focus in modern trade
  2. Customer-focused and Proactive Collaborator:  With a deep understanding of customer needs, he/she have the ability to develop and deliver tailored solutions to meet those needs. Should be able to collaborate and work in a team environment and leverage the strengths of others to achieve shared goals.  Experience in Joint Business Planning is a plus.
  3. Highly curious and analytical: Comfortable in working with data, identifying trends and developing insights to inform strategic decision-making.
  4. Results-driven and Problem Solver: Drives growth through structured and organized account management; Skilled at problem-solving and finding creative solutions to complex challenges. Not afraid to highlight challenges and propose solutions

Key Account Manager Responsibilities

Customer Servicing

  • Maintain accurate, complete, and up-to-date client business profiles to be shared with senior management
  • Actively identify the customer’s business needs and recommend enhancements needed or new services to answer these needs
  • Drive customer satisfaction by providing insights and actionable recommendations during presentations or business reviews
  • Ensure the services provided to customers are timely and precise, according to the customer’s business needs and specifications while meeting the company's quality standards
  • Develop positive relationships with the identified key persons within the customer’s organization
  • Expand our scope of influence with customers across a wider range of products
  • Ensure the deliverables are aligned with the contract agreement

New Customers

  • Actively identifies potential customers and develop new businesses by studying current trend and evolution in CPG and consumer health markets
  • Generate sales by making initial presentation, explaining products and services to customers based on business requirements
  • Actively propose and participate in lead generation activities in your market and other markets that can help grow brand awareness for Hypertrade

Benchmarking for Best Practices

  • Actively updates knowledge by benchmarking with competition, maintaining personal networks, and participating professional organizations
  • Share recommendations and suggestions to management based on your knowledge and analyses

Financial Management

  • Management of renewal of contracts
  • Drive and follow up on the invoicing and payment process

Functional / Technical

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date knowledge of products, industry trends, software solutions and value added solutions
  • Provide Training support and tools as per the customer's request
  • Answer all Customer's inquiries within 24 hours
  • Manage data quality issues by overseeing data inquiry process
  • Recommend improvements in work processes  within area of responsibility

Three best things about the job

  1. Work and build lasting relationships with large international clients and top leaders with a massive global network
  2. Develop your expertise in B2B business development and Retail Tech
  3. Opportunity to grow your career to a regional management role

Measures of success

Within three months (during the probation)
  • Completely understand the responsibility and the challenges of the Brand Manager and/or Key Account Manager in the FMCG Business
  • Be able to present Hypertrade products and services, from setup to benefits, in a clear, professional assertive manner
  • Have established the foundations of lasting and positive relationships with existing clients

Within six months:

  • Have a healthy and robust sales pipeline with both retailers and their Suppliers
  • Be able to develop by yourself professional Business proposal
  • Have your first contracts close to signing

Within 12 months:

  • Acts as an advisor by bringing a highly valued perspective to the prospects based on a deep understanding of their business, issues and opportunities
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