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Mastering Promotion Analytics:
Drive sales & ROI

Acquire the techniques for analyzing Promotion Performances to increase your next promo sales uplift & ROI.

This course teaches participants how to analyze promotion activity and improve sales with effective techniques. Learn key metrics, evaluate promotions, and use data analysis to optimize marketing campaigns. Topics include fundamental, evaluation, and targeted promotion campaigns.

Date & Time GMT +07

From 2.00 to 5.00 PM

6 July 2023


What will you Learn?

• Build quantitative promotion objectives.
• Improve Promotion product selection & performances
• Develop clear promotion evaluation
• Build a Promotion Plan that aligns you company, client and shopper exceptions.

Course outline

• Promotion fundamentals refreshers
• Promotion Analyses key metrics and insights.
• Promotion evaluation by using Financial KPI, Shopper KPI, Competition KPI
• Making a choice: Mass or Targeted Promotion
• Campaign Analytic KPI

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for retail professional, sales managers, merchandisers, marketing managers, shoppers & customers Insights Teams, and anyone interested in leveraging data to optimize retail sales performance.

Targeted Skills

• Analytical Skills
• Merchandising
• Sales Development
• Promotion Planning
• Strategic Thinking

Free Takeaways

To ensure the training is practical, all trainees will be granted a free access to our Data Analytics Platform and work on real data sample. Trainees will receive their access codes and platform manual 1 week before the workshop.

Course Schedule

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Your Instructors

Frederic EtienbledFrederic is the founder and Ceo or Hypertrade. A former Carrefour Senior Executive, Frederic has been helping retailers and manufacturers develop winning data-driven strategies in Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa
Onuma PatthamakanokBefore joining Hypertrade as a Regional Data Director, Onuma was a Data & Insights expert at Tesco. She now helps retailers and manufacturers develop winning data-driven strategies in Southeast Asia.
Frederic KleinFrederic is a seasoned Retailer, with a vast experience in Operations and Merchandising in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Frederic is now in charge of Middle-East and Africa


Q: How do I access the course materials and resources?    
A: Before Session, In the one week before the session, you will receive
• Training Deck in Soft file
• User code to access the analytic data platform for the practice of the analysis
Q: Will I receive anything after the session?
A: Yes, you will receive:
• VDO Link to access for one month (30 days)
• Platform access to practice for one month (30 days)
Q: How long does the online training course last?  
A: 3 Hours
Q: How much does online training cost?
A: 99 USD as the normal fee, and the early bird fee for the first 5 people is 79 USD.
Q: What if I can't attend a live session or miss a deadline?
A: We will send you the VDO link and the group chat invitation to answer all your questions
Q: Is there a certification or accreditation upon completion of the course?
A: Yes, for the people who pass the test. If you miss the deadline for the test submission, you will not get the certification.
Q: Can I get feedback and support from the instructor?
A: Yes it can be done via our group chat
Q: How do I communicate with the instructor and other participants?
A: Before the session, please contact us via, or chat in   During the session, you can use the message box via Zoom    
After the session, we will create a group chat in what apps to answer all of your questions