Become an Omnichannel Retail Champion:Make Smarter Decisions, Faster

Improve you commercial and financial performances as well as teams' efficiencies with our SaaS proprietary tools & retail experts support.Continuously improve your commercial offer, listen to your customers across all channels, and turn your data into smart decisions that drive performance.

The Solution You Need to Outgrow Your Market

Our platform is built and supported by retailers with over $700 million in sales growth since 2015

The Hypertrade Solution

The perfect combination of Advanced Tools & Expert Support to grow Business Performances and Teams' Capabilities.

Problems We Solve

As former retailers, we understand what the operative pain points are.
Like you, we have also been on the trenches.
Rising Complexities

Multiple customer journeys have increased the necessity to build range, promotion and engagement strategies by channel.

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Data Readiness

While working without data is not even an option anymore, data remains scattered, siloed, and often incomplete, and not linked.

Retail Tech Dilemma

Beyond the tech prowess the tools can deliver, teams adoption and the delivery of practical results remains the main factor behind realized ROI.

Unconnected Customer Insights

Customer shopping behaviors are now an essential factor in range, promotion and pricing decisions. Silll, those insights remain often not integrated in the decision-making process.

Limited Team Capabilities

At the time where Retail expertise and category management capabilities are more needed than ever, attracting and retaining talents is increasingly harder.

Speed To Shelves Imperatives

The rise of e-commerce has conditioned customers to intense and continuously improved commercial offerings. Traditional collaborative approaches between retailers and suppliers are often capped, limiting customers' experience and satisfaction.

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Empower Your Talents & Optimize Your Commercial Offer

Our tools make category management a breeze.

Complex spreadsheets, siloed BI systems, complicated solutions, or even expertise and experience have shown their limits.

It’s time to make it more simple and faster. Here’s how our platform can help you.
Assortment Management

Pilot the assortment of every category, each cluster in each format and store with a simple, clear, and quantified view.


Optimize the distribution of each Champion item in each store so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Advanced Retails Analytics

Get instant access to complex reporting for your categories through smart and action-driven analytics where drilling has never been that easy.

To-Do List

Organize teams priorities through smart and quantified to-do list, at the level of your choice: From stores to items.

Alerts & Gains

Let predictive analytics identify and quantify what has to be done and how much it will generate in term of sales, margin and cash flow gains.

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Listen to Your Customers and Get Them to Visit More and Spend More

A customer is too expensive to gain and too costly to loose. Building segments from demographics or shopping behavior cohorts is not enough.

Go beyond with the Hypertrade platform: turn and quantify those insights into range, distribution, price, promotion and engagement decisions for the right customers.

Maximize your Data With Your Suppliers, and Let Them Propose Winning Plans Based on Real Facts

By inviting your suppliers to access the performance details of their categories and shoppers, you open a co-creation space where all energies can focus on the same goal.

Our platform crunches data for your participating suppliers and it gives it to them on a silver plate, so they can get the same insights as you, from their perspective.

Then the magic happens:
Your Suppliers Will Be Able to Propose Data-Driven Winning Plans For You.
Do you require analysis from your suppliers? Let suppliers generate them directly from our platform.
Earn Additional Revenue (You can Even Make Our Tools Free!)

Our Expert Retailers Will Join Forces With Your Team and Help Establish Efficient Working Processes Where Needed

We have driven US $500M in sales growth since 2015 and we're ready to help you grow too. We'll coach your team to ensure organizational and capabilities growth occurs smoothly.
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