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Improve your demand planning and optimize cash flow management with accurate machine learning expert algorithm for existing and new products.

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Sales Forecast Algorithm

Working principles

Trend, seasonality and special events

For each product, the sales trend is computed as well as the sales weekly, monthly and yearly seasonality

Global prediction

The forecast is made using previously fitted components and projecting them into the future.

Store per store prediction

The forecast is multiplied by each store’s share of sales in the item’s category to get a store per store prediction

Our Process

Data collection and preprocessing

The algorithm requires 2 sets of data
  • Retailer’s POS data
  • Product description table
Preprocessing the data
  • Group items together given the average number of sales per day, the type of selling (by unit or by weight/volume) and the category/sub-category
  • Compute additional information about the product
  • Manage missing values

What Makes us Different

Built by retailers for retail players
Practical & pragmatic
Business types & size adaptability
Digital & collaborative-native
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Use Cases & Benefits

Why you need to use sales forecast

Strengthen your assortment planning​
  • Adapt your stock management and promotion planning to the specific buying patterns of each product
  • Automatically manage the launch of new products
Enhance your customers experience
  • Avoid out-of-stocks
  • Better prices given customer demand for each SKU
  • New products to match customer’s demand
  • Leverage machine learning expert algorithm to save 100’s of hours
​Time-saving and efficiency
  • Build several scenarios and choose the optimal one

Adapt Your Strategy Given Predicted Future Sales​ in 4 Steps​

Build your scope​

Define the stores and dates for which you want a forecast.​

Define your product

Select your product if it is an existing one or build a description for a new item.​


Launch the algorithm to compute the forecast.​


Get insight from store per store and item per item results.​

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