We enrich your favorite
retailers’ sales data
with shopper behavior insights to help you develop customer-centric strategies.

This was a first for us to have this kind of service and I am sure that in as much as it has changed, optimized, and amplified my ability as a manager, it will also do the same for the future Managers to come. I thoroughly enjoy the service, and the even better customer support that you and your team provides.
AJ Rojo, Procter & Gamble
Here’s what we help you achieve:

Sales Growth 15-30% higher than competition

Up to 25% increase Range Effectiveness

30% to 40% Time Saved for Sales & Marketing Teams

Up to 20% Increased Promotion Effectiveness

This is what 100% accurate and enriched data, coupled with an analytics platform designed by former retailers can help you achieve:

Grow 15-30% faster than your competitors through improved omnichannel range, assortment and distribution management.

Hypertrade Retail & Customer Data Collaboration platform powers interactive advanced analytics to support your channel strategies.
  • Category Sales Details (*)
  • Range Pareto
  • New Items
  • Market Share
  • Promotions
  • Inventory
*Granularity offers details by channel, by store, by SKU, by product type and segment, brand and customer segment.

Save your teams 30%-40% of Time through automated reporting and double segmentation.

Hypertrade Retail & Customer Data Collaboration platform integrates 95% of most commonly used category management analyses, and gives you the possibility to fully customize all the complex reporting you need to generate internally and for your retailers:
  • Category Analyses
  • Brand Analyses
  • Business Reviews
  • Tailored Reports
  • Etc.
You can now spend more time in building strategies, and have more efficient discussions with the retailers, to finalize and execute them.

Increase your range effectiveness up to 25% through shared shoppers insights.

By keeping and crunching all loyal customers’ data, Hypertrade Retail & Customer Data Collaboration platform can deliver sales and marketing teams with a detailed picture of your shoppers:
  • Category Analyses
  • Brand Analyses
  • Business Reviews
  • Tailored Reports
  • Etc.
Sales data enriched with shopper insights inevitably leads to a better customer experience; the right product in the right channel, and the right store.

Increase your promotion effectiveness up to 20% through improved planning and product selection.

Hypertrade Retail & Customer Data Collaboration platform integrates all promotion history as well as loyal customers purchases and promotion sensitivity. With those data, sales and marketing teams can now easily:
  • Track and monitor each categories omnichannel promotion history.
  • Develop stronger activity plans by channel with the retailer.
  • Use advanced segmentation tools to personalize offers for your shoppers based on their behaviors.
  • Access promotion suggestions based on shopper behaviors and sales performances.
  • Monitor shoppers reaction to campaigns.
By leveraging sales history and shopper behaviors,
you can now deliver better ROI on your promotions.

We’re privileged to work with local leading Retailers

How We’re Different From Other Retail Data Providers

It’s time to do better than working with sample data. Get 100% of your retailers’ data, analyzed through the Hypertrade platform, designed for decision, action, and brand+retailer alignment.
Data Granularity

✅ Hypertrade uses complete data sets from the retailer

❌ Others use sample data from each retailer and syndicates them

Data Speed

✅  Hypertrade updates the data weekly or monthly

❌ Others update the data at a much slower pace

Designed for Decision & Action

✅ Hypertrade supports joint decision-making processes for range, price, promotion, distribution, new item launches, and shopper engagement.

❌ Other platforms' insights cover trends and global performances across retailers and channels.

Designed for Facilitating Joint Winning Decisions

✅ Hypertrade creates a common language by offering both retailer & manufacturer segmentation.

❌  Others provide its own segmentation perspective.

Automations That Drive Efficiency & Alignment

✅ Hypertrade automatically generates retailers' business review reports.

❌  Others don't provide the retailers' business review reports.

Products Availability

✅ Hypertrade provides inventory level details, SKU by SKU, store by store.

❌ Others don't provide product availability information.

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