The Insights You Were Missing To Outgrow Your Market At Lightning Speed

Hypertrade is a Retail Collaboration platform that accelerates sales for brands.

Our unique solution shows data:
  • representing 100% of every transaction and inventory
  • for every SKU and shopper
  • in every store and every day
  • online and offline
  • already analyzed
  • displayed visually to easy decision making

How We’re Different From Other Retail Data Providers

It’s time to do better than working with sample data. Get 100% of your retailers’ data, analyzed through the Hypertrade platform, designed for decision, action, and brand+retailer alignment.
Data Granularity

✅ Hypertrade uses complete data sets from the retailer

❌ Others use sample data from each retailer and syndicates them

Data Speed

✅  Hypertrade updates the data weekly or monthly

❌ Others update the data at a much slower pace

Designed for Decision & Action

✅ Hypertrade supports joint decision-making processes for range, price, promotion, distribution, new item launches, and shopper engagement.

❌ Other platforms' insights cover trends and global performances across retailers and channels.

Designed for Facilitating Joint Winning Decisions

✅ Hypertrade creates a common language by offering both retailer & manufacturer segmentation.

❌  Others provide its own segmentation perspective.

Automations That Drive Efficiency & Alignment

✅ Hypertrade automatically generates retailers' business review reports.

❌  Others don't provide the retailers' business review reports.

Products Availability

✅ Hypertrade provides inventory level details, SKU by SKU, store by store.

❌ Others don't provide product availability information.

Talk to Our Experts

We provide Insights With Unmatched Granularity And Ease Of Use. It's Like Superpowers For Your Team

We turn your team into a squad of data-driven champions, powered by X-Ray vision of the Market

Understand your Categories and monitor how you’re doing vs the Competition

It’s time to step up from panel, sample, or data Sell-in data.

With the Hypertrade platform you get clean data store by store, showing 100% of what’s going on.

Improve own Brand’s Performances through range improvement, promo, new item, distribution and availability.

Understand your Customers’ Shopping Behaviors

We clean and crunch the data for you and run all the calculations you need so you can understand your own shoppers with the same level of detail as the Retailer does.

We update the data monthly and an Internal Shoppers Panel can be setup on-demand.

Drive targeted traffic to your brands at The Retailer level

Increase Brand awareness and differentiate yourself from the competition by sending targeted promotions.

Decrease costs and increase ROI by leveraging your Retailers’ loyalty data. After your targeted campaign, we provide detailed reports so you can continuously understand your shoppers: who bought, who didn’t, and their profile.

5 Inevitable Benefits You’ll Get From The Hypertrade Platform, Faster than Ever

✅   by Maximizing your Existing Assortment

Identity champion SKUs and improve their distribution
Activate underperforming SKUs
Improve your range effectiveness vs your competitors
Align your range strategy with the retailer’s

✅   by Increasing Availability

Identify products’ availability risk, store by store
Improve your service level
Improve availability of top selling SKUs

  by Successfully Launching New Items

Identify subcategories and segments with growing trends
Identify competitors’ champion SKUs in those growing segments
Define the required sales quantity for the new SKUs to be a success
Measure each new item performance in the category (you and the competition)
You Will Improve Your Range...
✅   by defining shelve space recommendation using brand and subcategory effectiveness

✅   by providing assortment recommendations based on each SKUs performance

✅   generating category performance reports automatically
You Will Positively Impact Your Retailer’s Category
✅   by defining shelve space recommendation using brand and subcategory effectiveness

✅   by providing assortment recommendations based on each SKUs performance

✅   generating category performance reports automatically
You Will Better Collaborate WIth Your Retailer
✅   thanks to more Accurate Data

Existing data is curated and verified
Misallocated data is shared with the retailer
Quantities and values reflect 100% of the transactions

✅   thanks to more Frequent Updates

Data is updated monthly, currently
Data will be updated weekly from 2021 onwards

  thanks to Double Segmentation

Switch from retailer segmentation to your own segmentation in a click
Up to 5 attributes per product
View your total company performance, gathering all brands
You Will Make More Accurate Decisions, More Often
✅   by empowering them with tools they will love

✅   equipping them with thought processes and methodologies

✅   and receiving unlimited training and support
You Will Grow Your Team Capabilities...
Do you still need more reasons?

Discover why 95% of our customers become long term partners

“We are more confident and eager than ever to sharerelevant information  with  vendors thanks to the Hypertradeplatform.  This has allowed us to mutually enjoy the benefits of permanentalignment and quick actions  in response to an evolving businesslandscape.”.
Mr. Poiret
President, LCC

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you upload the retailer's data to your platform?
What is the pricing ?
Do you provide raw data?
How long is the minimum subscription length?

Participating Retailers

We’re constantly working on expanding our participating retailers
  • City Mart Supermarket
  • Marketplace
  • Ocean Superstores
  • City Neighborhood Stores
  • City Mall Online
  • City Express Convenience Stores
  • City Care Pharmacies
  • LCC Supermarket
  • LCC Expressmart
  • LCC Market Savers
  • LCC Market Plus
  • Everrise Supermarket
  • The Food Purveyor Supermarket
  • OTK Stores
  • Village Grocer
  • Ben Independent Grocer
  • Quickmart
  • Aswaaq