Retail Merchandise Management

Take better and faster deisions for your Brands from 1 to several retail data sets
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Make your brand's Trade Marketing decisions relevant at each retailer and do not miss any sales.

Access complete markets views to drive both national and regional actions plans.

Collaborate with all teams to improve performance for each sku, at each store.

Grow Sales
& Market Share

Access a 360 performance view including essential Shopper Behaviors

  • Multi-retailer POS & Sales data integration
  • ........ and Competiton
  • Online Category Management Analytics
  • Automated Decisions Driven Reporting
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Identify & Capture
Growth Opportunities


 • Strategic Sales Trends
 • New Products Follow-up
 • Distribution Improvements recommendations
 • Promotion Planning & Preformance
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Grow Team Efficienties
with Automation

Make use of Built-in Retail Experts Analysis and Management Tools

 • Score Cards
 • Category & Brand Diagnostics
 • Automated Reporting
 • Double Segmentation
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Make Teams Collaborate
to Decide and Execute Faster

Provide access to internal teams and retail clients to selected indicators

 • Engage Distributors and Sub Distributors
 • Provide Mobile-Based Store Details to Field Teams
 • Establish a Common Data driven Language with Retail Clients

Make Data Management A Breeze

Let us take care of your various data types and their ingestion

 • Multi-retail data sets
 • Data ingestion & alignement automation
 • Data anomalies reports
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