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A Category Management Online Series

Webinar #3 Brand Focused Category Review

Economic is down, so the budget is tight. An effective category/brand plan is a must. Data is more complex and stay in various source, and challenging to synthesizeinto the actionable insights

Webinar #2 - 5 Steps to Increase Your Promotion Effectiveness

How to measure promotion effectiveness  - How category and shopper dynamics can help you to build stronger promotion plans

In this new retail reality, range and brand’s effectiveness has become one of the most effective sales driver.

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Enjoy the benefits of faster & smarter business growth with Enriched, Fast, Accurate and Reliable Customer Data In this Modern Retail environment of personalised shopping experiences, engaging with consumers where they are is more important than ever; and the more sales channels you have, the more data you receive.

Data Collaboration

Our tech and retail experience merged with constant Research & Development into our systems, making your complex analyses as easy as clicking a button.(Simplify your complex tasks with Ariane category management solutions & Ulys shopper analytics tool)