Get your team up and running within 2 months with help and guidance from our expert retailers

From onboarding to helping you become a Jedi of Category Management, our experts are ready to work for you and your teams all the way. This is how the process looks like when you decide to partner up with Hypertrade:
Step 1

Data Collection

Whatever the EPR, the POS, the e-commerce or loyalty systems your organization is currently running, our team will drive you through either the data extraction process or the setup of an API.

You choose what fits your business best. Once the data is up, our Data Curators will show you how you can, at your own speed, enrich it - one step (or several) at a time.
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Step 2

Setting Business Rules

Each business has its own rules. Taxes, margin calculation, consignment practices, special management for special items or stores.

Our team of experts will get you covered and will set them up in the system. And when your rules evolve, we’ll adapt your Hypertrade ecosystem so it evolves with you.

Click here to see some business rules examples
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Step 3

Working Processes Alignment

We can help you setup or polish working processes for your Commercial, CRM or Operations teams, so you can improve your business efficiencies.

Our expert Retailers will be happy to share best practices of organizational design with you as well as aligning job responsibilities step by step. And of course, we’ll ensure that the Hypertrade Ecosystem reflects and serves the new organization you are setting up.
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Step 4

Transfer of Superpowers

We started as a Retail Training firm, so training is not only a skill, it’s our passion.

From the necessary training for your new tools and working processes, to retail tradecraft-related training, we are happy to transfer knowledge and expertise to your teams. Mobile-based training, online or on-site workshops, manuals... you select what fits you best
PDF - Modules for Retailers
Step 5


The learning transferred during the Training phase is best reinforced during Coaching sessions with a smaller group of people. Working on real life case studies-your very own business-, our experts accompany your managers through progressive Coaching sessions until they become the Jedis of their area of responsibility
PDF - Sample Guidelines
Step 6 & Beyond

Perpetual Partnership

Beyond coaching, our Retail experts are permanently available for attending your various support enquiries at lightning speed.
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Do You Still Need More Reasons?
On Average, Our Participating Retailers Grow Their GPOI by 2-3% yearly

Our systems bring results because they focus on decision, action, and adoption. Book a free demo and become a retail champion in no time.
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