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Maximize the use of your existing loyalty data to increase customer engagement
and drive traffic and spending

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Continuously Improve Customer Engagement

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The multiplicity of sales channels, the rapid changes in purchasing behavior, the continuous increase in customer acquisition costs... all these changes reinforce the importance of Customer Strategies and Category Management approaches that foster agility, collaboration and cost efficiencies.

At the heart of these business issues, data, security, complexity, the scarcity of expertise, the difficulty of setting up collaborative operating methods, are additional factors that  slow down decision-making and responsiveness.

What We Do

We help retail players who know data
& people are their next opportunity for growth.

We make data mining a breeze & build powerful tools teams love
that help them understand shoppers and support their category decisions.

The Value
we help you create

Ranges Performance

From constantly changing prices, availability issues to continuously growing competition, we help teams take the right decision to develop
winning category strategies

Promotions Impact

Promotion history, campaign analytics & promotion planning help teams deliver stronger
promotions ROI

Shoppers Understanding

We connect shoppers & loyalty data to help Insights & Category Management Teams build
compelling shoppers strategies

Powerful Simplicity

User friendly interface, interactive charts and tables create an
intuitive & interactive platform that teams love


Internally with your own teams or externally with business partners, share insights and recommendations to establish a common language while maintaining your own segmentation

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Data Management

Whatever your data format, granularity level or source,  deliver a seamless access to insights & recommendations with
automated data ingestion, structuring & cleansing processes

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Our Approach:
A Team of Retailers Driving Change with Passion
& Innovative Software Solutions

As Category Management solution providers, we believe that beyond tools, the key success factor for change is how much teams can experience its benefits. Training, coaching, and continuous support are where we put our biggest efforts.

Since 2015, we have been helping retailers constantly overgrow their market.

Our Solutions

Capabilities &

Readiness for the new Retail Reality goes beyond tools: it often requires teams’ capabilities development, the alignment of working processes and the ability to analyze & understand data. Our retail experts are here to continuously support and coach your teams.
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A successful Category Management setup is the right combination of processes, adequate tools and team capabilities.
But every retailer is unique.
Our expert retailers and their specialized tech & data teams modelize the solution that perfectly fits your organization and meet your expectations in terms of sales, margin, and cash flow.
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Data Collaboration

Manufacturers have a wealth of expertise in their categories and consumers. Giving suppliers access to selected data sets through advanced category management and shopper insights tools empowers their ability to propose winning plans and innovations.
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Assortment, store clusters, or promotion efficiencies are increasingly built upon a deep understanding of shopper profiles and behaviors. We help you capture and integrate shoppers insights to enhance engagement strategies and drive spending with the shopper cohorts that count.
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Hypertrade allows us to make sensible and fast decisions, by providing us with critical insights into our current range performance and analyzing the potential actions to take. It really saves us a huge amount of time required on data mining.
Mr. Kok Kian Kee
Merchandise Director of The Food Purveyor (Malaysia)

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