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Range effectiveness

Brand Focused

How to use your Brand Category Review to collaborate with your Retailer and what is the frame of the category review

Promotion Effectiveness

Promotion is the most powerful method of communication to tell shoppers to buy more of your products, re-purchase your products, and buy your new items. This session will bring you how to measure promotion effectiveness

Range effectiveness

Range Effectiveness

we will revisit each range-effectiveness driver to understand better how Retailers manage their range and know-how to influence your preferred Retailer to increase the chances of your Brand's powerful assortment tactics getting the Greenlight.

Introduction Ariane

Ariane is already used by many FMCG world leaders for their Category Management, Sales Management and Shopper Insights Teams.


Hypertrade’s CRM & Customer Behavior & Analytics platform has helped us
deepen our knowledge of our shoppers. This knowledge and built-in tools and
simplicity has played a critical role in growing our retention and loyalty.

Data Collaboration

Hypertrade’s tools are really user-friendly and really helpful in Category Management. They are effective for improving Sales & Margin and I strongly favour the “To-Do-List”