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Hypertrade Retail Solution Platform
Helps you:

  • Drive your retail performances
  • Save massive amount of time for Teams
  • Grow customer satisfaction

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  • Get category management tools that crunch for you and help you make winning decisions faster.
  • Let your suppliers come up with winning plans for you.
  • Generate an additional income stream through data collaboration programs with your Suppliers.
  • Grow your team capabilities with our supporting expert retailers.
Hypertrade’s tools are really user-friendly and really helpful in Category Management. They are effective for improving Sales & Margin and I strongly favour the “To-Do-List”.
Ms. Linda Lai, Senior Merchandising
Manager at Everrise

I'm a Brand

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  • Access 100% of the data of participating retailers for your categories: POS, Promotions, Shopper, Loyalty and Competitors.
  • Easily pitch your trade plans and strategies and let the retailer data tell your story.
  • Platform access and built-in category and brand analyses, or raw data available.
  • Curated data, updated weekly.
We are more confident and eager than ever to share relevant information with vendors thanks to the Hypertrade platform. This has allowed us to mutually enjoy the benefits of permanent alignment and quick actions in response to an evolving business landscape.
Mr. Poiret
President, LCC