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Sales Forecasts

Improve your demand planning, cash flow management and new product launches with Hypertrade's retail expert machine-learning-driven solutions.

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Data Collaboration

Giving access to selected data sets through advanced category management and shopper insights tools empowers retailers to propose winning plans and innovations.

Identify growth and innovation opportunities across channels
Optimize inventory management
Drive more sales from improved promotion planning
Automatically generate the analyses you both need to make better decisions
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Access a 360 Performance View Including Essential Shopper Behaviors

Range effectivness
Availability improvement
Promotion efficiency
Automatic data ingestion

Enable Vendors To Gain Insights

To jointly find faster and data-driven solutions

Product challenge / optimize / solution

  • Comprehensive metrics
  • Piloting ranges’ efficiency
  • Granularity views by sku by store

Business challenge / accelerate / solution

  • Automatic diagnostics and scorecard
  • Promotion plan management
  • Integration of algorithms experts in category management

Efficiency challenge / collaboration / solution

  • Establish a single source of truth
  • Make data-driven joined decisions
  • Forecasts, execute and monitor together

4 Things That Make Us Different

Retail Expert

Prior to setting up Hypertrade, we were senior executives at various retail organizations where we started in stores.


Over the years, Hypertrade has developed a strong expertise in retail and consumer goods, across various markets and business, and incorporated this expertise in its solutions.​


Size, markets, culture, vision, priorities: each client is different. We know by experience that one size doesn’t fit all.

Fast ROI​

Each project is a new story, and each story needs to create value for our client, its teams and their customers.​

Monetization Is One of The Benefits of Data Collaboration.
And The Biggest Gains Derive From Accelerated Sales.

With your data, get strategies & plans that support your business

By inviting your suppliers to access the performance details of their brands, categories, and shoppers, you open a co-creation space where all energies can focus on the same goal. In exchange, you get trade plans and strategies that support your business, and an additional income stream.

Co-Build Action-Plans that Drive Sales

Strengthened range, assortment and promotion
Identified category growth opportunities
Product & marketing innovations

4 Key Benefits For Your Vendors

To join your ​data collaboration platform

  • Category dynamics & shoppers behaviors
  • Category dynamics & strategies
  • Range, products, channels, promotion opportunities
  • Their own & their competitors' performances
  • Jointly decide on the proposed strategies
  • Measure together performances & growth
  • Solidify growth opportunities
  • Leverage machine learning expert algorithm to save 100’s of hours
Save time
  • Automated reporting
  • Forecasts
  • Double segmentation
  • Score cards
  • Strategies
  • Sales Plan
  • Activity Plan
  • Promo Plan

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