Maximize your data with your suppliers, and let them propose winning plans based on factual numbers.

By inviting your suppliers to access the performance details of their brands, categories, and shoppers, you open a co-creation space where all energies can focus on the same goal.

In exchange, you get trade plans and strategies that support your business, and an additional income stream.
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By getting access to their own and their competitors' performance and data, your Suppliers are able to:

  • Improve their own performance through Range, Assortment and Promotion
  • Identify category growth opportunities
  • Automatically generate the reports you ask them to bring to any meetings
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Which Data Can Your Supplier Access To

  • Sales Value and Volume
  • Inventory level
  • Service level
  • POS & basket details
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4 Ways You Can Leverage Collaboration To Activate Sales


Hypertrade Built-In Range Effectiveness tool makes it easier for your Suppliers to identify their Range tails and distribution opportunities. It becomes easy for them to define and then pre-send you data-driven winning range strategies.

New Product

With the Hypertrade Ecosystem, Suppliers can easily identify which are the growing sub-categories, segments, and product types. Their selection of new item launches becomes more accurate and drives the whole category's sales


The retailer promotion plan, and all recorded promo activities and performances are in the ecosystem. Promotion products can be selected with both their history and their forecasts. Less Flops, more Tops.


The days where a large part of supplier meetings was spent arguing about data are gone. One common language & automatically generated reports, enable meetings to focus on what is important: which decisions for which results.

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On Average, Our Participating Retailers Grow Their GPOI by 2-3% yearly

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