Retail Merchandising

Go beyond your ERP limitations to simplify category managers’ tasks, save time, and deliver better results.

Hypertrade’s tools are really user-friendly and really helpful in Category Management. They are effective for improving Sales & Margin and I strongly favour the “To-Do-List”.
Ms. Linda Lai, Senior Merchandising
Manager at Everrise

These are the results our solution of tools, people and methodologies delivers:

Once the data is in the system,here are some examples of what you can do:

Sales Growth from
3 to 5%

Through prioritized and quantified assortment recommendations

30% to 40% Time Saved for Buyers and Category Managers

Through predictive recommendations and report automations

Up to 15% Inventory Decrease

Through predictive recommendations and inventory alerts

0.5 to 1% Increase in

Through predictive recommendations and advanced margin analytics

helping Retail Teams
become Champions

Make your Life Easier

Leverage the power of predictive analytics and automation to save time
  • Immediate access to Data
  • Select across a wealth of retail experts built-in analytics
  • Online Reporting
  • PowerPoint reports Automation
Spend less time collecting data or reporting and more time on decisions and their execution

Grow Your Range Effectiveness

Drive the relevance of your categories’ assortment across channels and clusters
  • Access detailed category performances in no time
  • Take decisions on the value they will generate
  • Optimize Distribution
  • Generate automatically advanced analytics on sales, margin, and inventory
  • Visually Prioritize what needs to be done first
Successfully pilot your category strategies and their execution across formats

Control you Margin Drivers

Lead your Selling & Purchase Price decisions
  • Execute Margin Alerts
  • Pilot profitability across categories, channels & Suppliers
  • Prioritize actions that generate margin gains
  • Solve Pricing anomalies or inconsistencies and pilot the investments
Quickly solve your profitability challenges at Category, Supplier or Store level

Improve your Categories’ Cashflow

Quickly address Inventory challenges and changing shopper needs
  • Easily address stock aging challenges
  • Leverage predictive analytics to anticipate overstock or out-of-stock
  • Directly Align with Stores for Inventory accuracy through Mobile App
Take better decisions to achieve your category stock days objectives

Increase your teams efficiency & capabilities

As the tools are setup, your Teams will learn from our Experts not only how tasks can be done, but also how complete processes can be automated so they can focus on decisions making and implementation. And you keep track of the progress.
  • Workflows
  • Automated Reporting
  • Built-in Methods
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Retail Merchandise Management

Take better and faster decisions for your Brands from 1 to several retail data sets

Make your Brand’s Trade Marketing decisions relevant at each retailer and do not miss any sales
Access complete markets views to drive both national and regional action plans
Collaborate with all teams to improve performance for each sku, at each store

Grow Sales
& Market Share

Access a 360 performance view including essential Shopper Behaviors

  • Multi-retailer POS & Sales data integration
  • Own Brands and Competition
  • Online Category Management analytics
  • Automated decisions driven reporting
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