Ulys Retail CRM

A simple and powerful solution to Drive Customers Engagement

  • Build relevant communication with your Customers to drive additional traffic and spending.
  • Personalize Offers to Optimize Promotions and Campaigns’ ROI
  • Enable all stakeholders to collaborate around shared data & insights

Grow Retention
& Reduce Churn

Build preemptive strategies
to maintain
continuous engagement

  • Behavior-based dynamic segmentation
  • Customer history & promotional history
  • Personalization & campaign management
  • Behavior-based alerts management
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Drive Spending
with Personalized Campaigns

Optimize promotion and campaigns ROI with ML driven products selection & forecast

  • Customer database alignment
    with merchandise hierarchy
  • Automate complex calculations
    without the need for BI
  • Manage the profitability
    of each campaign
  • Campaigns ROI & forecasts
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Make Teams collaborate
to decide and execute faster

Make it easy for CRM, Marketing, Operations and Merchandising teams to work together

  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Reports automation
  • Customers & products profitability
  • Granular user management
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Segment Customers

Select from built-in segmentation tools or free-style approaches to capture
all opportunities

  • Cohort analyses
  • RFM
  • Never buy
  • Free-style
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Identify Patterns &
Monitor Performances

Make it easy for CRM, Marketing, Operations and Merchandising Teams
to work together

  • Buying patterns
  • Basket decision Tree
  • Sales & profitability
  • Assortment optimization
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Customers Engagement

Let us automate your data flows from ingestion to communication

  • From API to web & FTPs
  • Automated ETL
  • Data anomalies reports

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