Ulys Retail CRM

Shopper Engagement that reflects your retail brand and deliver results

  • Build relevant communication with your Customers to drive additional traffic and spending.
  • Personalize Offers to Optimize Promotions and Campaigns’ ROI.
  • Enable Marketing and Merchandising Teams to collaborate around shared data & insights.

Hypertrade’s CRM & Customer Behavior & Analytics platform has helped us deepen our knowledge of our shoppers.
This knowledge and built-in tools and simplicity has played a critical role in growing our retention and loyalty.

Eric Poiret
President, LCC

Loyalty Sales Contribution Growth +10%

Basket Growth +15% Higher than Non Loyal Customer

Additional Margin Growth +0.5% to 1% For Loyal Customers

Time Saving 70% time saved by accessing ready-madedata models

Our CRM SaaS Solution helps Retailer teams simplify the development of retention and basket growth strategies

Our tech team helps you integrate your data from any data sources at the frequency of your choice, and our retail experts support you in improving the ROI of your engagement strategies.

Here are some examples of what you can do:


Visualize your customer behaviour KPIs across channels & stores

We marry ERP, POS, and Loyalty Program data, to deliver the critical information needed to understand your customers.
  • Sales, Margin, Share
  • Average Basket and Spend
  • Customers and Transactions
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Identify purchasing behaviour changes

Select your preferred Behaviour Metrics and follow their trends variation across Channels and Categories.
  • Frequency
  • Return Rate
  • Penetration
  • Spending
  • Behaviour Change Alerts

Use multi-criteria customer segmentation to identify new opportunities

From customers at risk, to customers whose potential are not maximized yet, use built-in tools or a freestyle approach to strengthen retention.
  • Cohort
  • RFM
  • ABC
  • Brand Switching
  • Never Buy
  • Complete Free Style

Target selected customer segments and measure the impact on their behaviour

  • Create campaigns directly from your segment list
  • Measure your campaigns effectiveness as soon as data gets in
  • Integrate Marketing Campaign & Promotion Planning

Share customer behaviour insights with other teams inside your organization

Customer behaviours conceal a wealth of insights to be shared across the organization to improve the complete commercial offer.
As former Retailers,
we know how important it is to make things simple,
and we speak the same language.
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Ulys Retail CRM

A simple and powerful solution to Drive Customers Engagement

  • Build relevant communication with your Customers to drive additional traffic and spending.
  • Personalize Offers to Optimize Promotions and Campaigns’ ROI
  • Enable all stakeholders to collaborate around shared data & insights

Grow Retention
& Reduce Churn

Build preemptive strategies
to maintain
continuous engagement

  • Behavior-based Dynamic Segmentation
  • Customer History & Promotional History
  • Personalization & Campaign Management
  • Behavior-based Alerts Management
Read More about Churn Management

Drive Spending
with Personalized Campaigns

Optimize promotion and campaigns ROI with ML driven products selection & forecast

  • Customer Database alignment
    with merchandise hierarchy
  • Automate complex calculations
    without the need for BI
  • Manage the profitability
    of each campaign
  • Campaigns ROI & Forecasts
Read More about Personalized Campaigns

Make Teams collaborate
to decide and execute faster

Make it easy for CRM, Marketing, Operations and Merchandising teams to work together

  • Cloud-based architecture
  • Reports Automation
  • Customers & Products profitability
  • Granular user management
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Segment Customers

Select from built-in segmentation tools or free-style approaches to capture
all opportunities

  • Cohort Analyses
  • RFM
  • Never Buy
  • Free-Style
Read more about Customer Segmentation

Identify Patterns &
Monitor Performances

Make it easy for CRM, Marketing, Operations and Merchandising Teams
to work together

  • Buying Patterns
  • Basket Decision Tree
  • Sales & Profitability
  • House Wife Basket
Read More about Retail CRM & Reporting

Make Data Management
a Breeze

Let us take care of your various data types and their ingestion

  • From FTPs to API
  • Automated ETL
  • Data anomalies reports

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