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10 Retail Quick Scans - Series

Several countries are now starting to progressively come out of a dark and terrible phase. During these weeks of suffering and sometimes havocs, several battles were fought on safety, supply, service and community fronts.

During these battles, Retail Leaders have had the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised when realizing that some of the capabilities of their organisation were stronger than they thought. At the same time, they could also notice that some of their organisation’s capabilities were in need to reinforcement.

The Retail Quick Scan Series is a set of 10 simple close-ended questions sets for selected components of the retail business model: Collaboration, Merchandising, CRM, Digital Commerce, Operations and Supply Chain.Depending on each answer provided, there a is straight forward set of comments which will either confirm a decision or generate a new line of strategic thinking.

As we write the lines, budgets are revisited, strategies adjusted, business priorities and directions reviewed.

We built the Retail Quick Scan Series in a view to help Retail Leaders - as they are preparing how to enter the much talked about New Normal - confirm their directions and choices.

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We help retail players continuously improve Shoppers’ Engagement.

The value we help you create

Ranges Performance

From constantly changing prices, availability issues to continuously growing competition, we help teams take the right decision to develop winning category strategies

Promotions Impact

Promotion history, campaign analytics & promotion planning help teams deliver stronger promotions ROI

Shoppers Engagement

We connect shoppers & loyalty data to help Insights & Category Management Teams build compelling shoppers’ strategies

Teams Onboarding

User friendly interface, interactive charts and tables create an intuitive & interactive platform that teams love

Suppliers Collaboration

Internally with your own teams or externally with business partners, share insights and recommendations to establish a common language while maintaining your own segmentation

Data Management

Whatever your data format, granularity level or source, deliver a seamless access to insights & recommendations with automated data ingestion, structuring & cleansing processes


Hypertrade is a retail tech company in Category Management and Shopper Behaviors Analytics. Manufacturers use our platform to manage their multi-retailer data sets and to automate their category management and sales analytics. Retailers use our platform to improve their Commercial offering, collaborate with their suppliers and Engage their Shoppers. Building on Sales, POS & Loyalty data, some of the things we fully automate are:

• Brand& Category Score card
• Brand automatic Diagnostics
• Range Optimization
• Promotion Planning & Forecasting
• Shoppers baskets analysis

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